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Create Chernobyl anew

Create Chernobyl anew

Discover a next-generation editor that transforms the legendary STALKER legacy and X-Ray Engine mechanics with the incredible Unreal Engine 5, opening up limitless possibilities for creativity and creation

Original game required

Unreal Engine 5 Editor with STALKER on UE

Harness the incredible power of Unreal Engine 5

Incredible graphics

Unreal Engine 5 ensures an incredibly high level of detail and realism in visual effects.


This technology allows the use of scalable geometry, simplifying work with highly detailed objects.

Realistic lighting

Lumen's global illumination system creates realistic and dynamic lighting effects in real time.

Powerful tools

Unreal Engine 5 offers a wide range of tools for creating, editing, and optimizing game worlds and content.


This tool allows the creation of realistic and expressive characters using advanced animation technology.

Easy to start and user-friendly

Unreal Engine 5 provides a more intuitive user interface and improved tools for content handling.


Cross-platform capabilities

Unreal Engine 5 supports various platforms including PC, consoles, mobile devices, and virtual reality.


Advanced sound capabilities

Unreal Engine 5 offers enhanced sound implementation capabilities with support for three-dimensional sound.


World Partitioning

This feature allows splitting the game world into smaller parts for performance optimization and level loading.

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Unrivaled compatibility with X-Ray Engine

Developers familiar with the X-Ray SDK will be able to easily get used to the new environment and continue to create amazing worlds without unnecessary obstacles

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Join the hot community

Together we create a unique survival experience in a world where every decision matters. Welcome to our stalker community!


Ready to start creating amazing worlds?

Original game required