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Open Chernobyl a new way



Open Chernobyl a new way

Welcome to the world of STALKER on UE – a revolutionary modification that ports the original STALKER trilogy and X-Ray Engine logic to the incredibly powerful Unreal Engine 5

Original game required


Look at community work!

  • Bridge at Cordon
    Bridge at Cordon
  • Helicopter on Radar
    Helicopter on Radar
  • Ferris Wheel in Pripyat
    Ferris Wheel in Pripyat
  • Chernobyl NPP
    Chernobyl NPP
  • Rookie Village
    Rookie Village
  • APC at the Checkpoint
    APC at the Checkpoint
  • Military Checkpoint
    Military Checkpoint

Technologies beyond our comprehension

UE Banner
UE Banner

Incredible graphics

Every pixel is saturated with the Zone atmosphere, bringing the game world to life before your eyes.

UE Banner

Realistic lighting

Lumen's global illumination system creates impressive and vibrant game worlds.

UE Banner

Immersive sound

Unreal Engine 5 provides access to advanced computational audio technologies.

UE Banner

Original plot

Venture into the Zone, where familiar storylines, characters, and quests await you

  • Enjoy precious memories and a captivating storyline
  • This is your chance to re-experience the Zone that became a classic of the genre
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Join the hot community

Together we create a unique survival experience in a world where every decision matters. Welcome to our stalker community!


Are you a developer?

Discover a next-generation editor that transforms the legendary STALKER legacy and X-Ray Engine mechanics with the incredible Unreal Engine 5, opening up limitless possibilities for creativity and creation

Unreal Engine 5 Editor with STALKER on UE

Help us bring the Zone to life in a new reality

STALKER on UE is a passion and dedication project created with love for the classic STALKER trilogy. If you want to help us bring the Zone to life in the new reality of Unreal Engine 5 and ensure the quality development of the modification, consider supporting our project financially.

Your contribution will be directed towards improving graphics, optimizing gameplay and expanding the functionality of STALKER on UE. We value each supporting player and are ready to share the exciting world of the Zone with you.

Support us today, and together we'll make STALKER on UE the best modification that will revive the unforgettable survival experience in the Zone. Thank you for your generosity and commitment!

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Ready to dive into the mysterious and dangerous Zone again?

Original game required