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Installation and Build
Code Build

Building the Source Code

Currently, it is possible to build the project for the following platforms:

  • Windows 10 20H2 64-bit and newer

In the future, it will be possible to build for all other platforms, including mobile devices.


Pay attention to the order. It is very important to first build the X-Ray Engine, and then the Unreal Engine!

Cloning the Project

It is necessary to do this recursively using the --recursive parameter

git clone --recursive


Automatic Build

1. Running the Build Script

Run build.bat and wait for the build to successfully complete.

2. Launching the Project

After a successful build, the editor can be launched via the {src}/Stalker.uproject file

Manual Build

1. Building the X-Ray Engine

X-Ray is located at the following path:


This project needs to be opened and compiled with the necessary configuration.

Build Example

Building DebugGame Editor in the Unreal project. For this, I need to compile all solutions with the Debug configuration.


Everything as in that table, otherwise it will not launch!

Visual Studio

2. Building the UE Project

2.1. Creating a VS Project for UE Build

After successfully building the X-Ray Engine, return to the repository's root folder and generate the project.

Generate Visual Studio Project


  • If there are no "Generate Visual Studio project files" options, you can fix it by this video (opens in a new tab).
  • Before generating the project, to avoid errors during compilation, only keep the latest version of MSVC in the Visual Studio Installer

2.2. Compiling Files for Launching the Unreal Engine Project

After generating the Visual Studio project, open it and select the necessary build configuration.

The generated file is located at {src}/Stalker.sln.

Attention!!! Select Games / Stalker in the project explorer and click "Build".

UE Build


3. Launching the Project

After a successful build, the editor can be launched either by the Launch button in VS or through the {src}/Stalker.uproject file