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Editor Usage
AI Map

Working with AI Map

Creating an AI Map

Creating and editing an AI Map is similar to the original GSC editor. To begin, you need to select the AI Map editing mode in the editor.

AI Map

Description of the AI Map Editor Window

AI Map Window


  • Generation only works within the StalkerAIMapBoundsVolume area.

AI Map Addict

  • Generation will not work outside the StalkerAIMapBoundsVolume area. There may be multiple volumes.

Examples of Working with AI Map

Generating an AI Map

Video thumbnail
Video thumbnail

Additional Information

UnrealEditor automatically marks that the AI stack requires rebuilding.

UE Warn Rebuild

Rebuilding can be done automatically before launching PIE (Play In Editor) if necessary.

UE Auto Rebuild

AI Map rendering can be enabled even without the AI Map editing mode in the "show" menu.

Without AI Map Mode